Nominée pour la voiture 2013 par...

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Nominée pour la voiture 2013 par...

Message par Chronogps le Jeu 20 Déc 2012, 22:11

Playboy !

Hotter than the Olsen twins! More agile than the Barber brothers! Subaru and Toyota have teamed up to offer a pair of virtually identical sports coupes, saving each company a bundle on development and giving enthusiasts a pair of affordable, stylish rear-drive Japanese GTs. It’s like the Dodgers and Giants sharing a catcher. Weird, right? Both cars feature a Subaru four-cylinder, front-mounted amidships for near-perfect weight distribution. Differences in suspension tuning and trim are noticeable. So is the sticker. The Subie is a tad more expensive because its nav system, Bluetooth and upmarket interior are standard. Either way, these are pure fun, like Japanese sports coupes of yore. Flick off stability control and you’re in drift heaven. Take your pick; we dig ’em both.


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